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A day in Alleppey - My Houseboat Experience

The biggest confusion when planning a stay in Alleppey.

I had heard so much about the houseboats and had so many doubts while planning. Is it really worth it ?? Which one to book ??

Well here are all the details that you are looking for.

If you want to experience backwaters peacefully, looking for a relaxed day, then you should definitely go on a houseboat.

Stroll along the backwaters in the day, walk in the village, enjoy the sunset, get a relaxed herbal massage in the evening, try fresh seafood and Hola !! have a good relaxing day.

How to choose houseboats ?

Sharing houseboat

Generally these are the bigger ones and have a lot of rooms. Check with your boat owners, if they are organizing any party or music on the boat. Few shared houseboats do this and it will be a wholesome different experience.

Private houseboat of 2/3/4 bedrooms

This is the best option if going in a group. The whole boat will be yours, you can ask them to make dishes according to your choice if they have the ingredients. You can sit on the deck and enjoy the backwaters.

The boat will be docked in the evening until next morning. Generally the docking point is near a village, so you can explore the options there, but there is not much to do. So do buy your snacks from the village or before boarding the houseboat.

You can also try rice wine, it will be available in the village.

How to book

Won't suggest you to book via hotel booking apps. Always check with them personally or through their websites on room availability, charges, houseboat options and other details. Most of the good houseboats are not even listed on these apps.

Few good options

Exotica Cruises Houseboat in Alleppey

Indraprastham Houseboats

Aqua Jumbo Houseboats

Booking Types

Day booking:

This booking is for ~6 hr, includes strolling in the backwater, having lunch, and a welcome drink. For rest check with your houseboats.

Night stay:

This is a whole day package. You would board your houseboat around 11 till next morning. For boarding points they will tell you. The boat will be docked at 5 pm/around sunset near a village.

In my opinion, you can go for a day cruise to experience houseboats and in the evening, explore Alleppey beaches.

Best time to visit

Any time of the year is fine. It's always hot there. But still recommend to avoid summer season.

Price estimate

For private houseboat of 3 bedroom for 1 night

In off season it's around ~14k

But in peak season, depending on the festivals and holidays around , the price can go to 20-50k.

Do pre book 1-2 weeks ahead of visiting, give an advance and get confirmation.


- Check with your houseboat owners if ac is available. Although you won’t need it during the day as it will be windy.

- Ask for boarding/docking point because there could be multiple point. Sometimes they will drop you, and in some cases, you have to reach to boarding point by yourself.

I loved sitting calmly on the deck of my houseboat, hope you would like it too.

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