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Gokarna - Best of 2 worlds

When you are unable to decide whether you should visit mountains or beaches, head towards Gokarna. This place is well known for its less crowded beaches but when combined with trek, it becomes a complete package and that’s why I refer GOKARNA as the best of both worlds, beaches and hills.

Places to explore

Beaches /Beach trek

  • Gokarna main beach

  • Om beach

  • Kudle beach

  • Half moon beach

These are the 4 famous beaches that you should visit when in Gokarna. The Gokarna main beach is quite crowded compared to others. Om beach has a hippy vibe and is less crowded. I recommend that you enjoy the sunset view from this beach.

Paradise beach

It's an isolated beach, but worth going for its view. You also get an option to do camping here. Checkout the below section.

How to explore Gokarna beaches

You can definitely rent a scooty and explore these beaches, but beach trek gives you another experience. I can still not forget the views. You also get to cover beautiful isolated beaches. 

How to do beach trek

  • Download google offline map for directions. 

  • or, Book a gokarna beach trek trip. 

  • or, Ask locals

Mirjan Fort, yana caves

These 2 are the historic Places of Gokarna that you can visit. Mirjan fort is spread over 10 acres. You can easily get tired (and tanned :p), so try to go towards the evening. 

You can walk through Yana caves.

Mangrove forest, Murudeshwara temple 

Mangrove honnavar broadwalk is one of the major tourist attractions. 

You can go on an adventurous boating too in the Mangrove forest. 

I recommend you to go to these 2 places which can be easily covered in half a day. The temple has a huge statue of Lord Shiva. There is no entry fee but do checkout timings before visiting

Jog falls

This is around ~2 hr from Gokarna. You will see the falls from a distance. If you have time and it's on your way, definitely check this place, else I would not recommend it. 

OFFFBEAT places 

Nirvana beach and Aghanasani river

This is my another favorite beach. Less crowded with an amazing view and ample space for camping. I have given camping details in the later section. 

You can go to Nirvana beach by crossing Aghanasani river too. 

Must take a night stroll in nirvana beach where you get to see the blue glowing water, called bioluminescent activity. ( although we were not lucky enough to experience that)


Mystic paradise

A beautiful and thrilled camping option right beside the beach. I personally loved this option. It's isolated, with an amazing view, has a small nearby cafe (but it will be closed at night), can do star gazing all night. The camps are clean with good manageable washrooms. 

For bookings, connect through their insta page or website. Also the camps are very limited, so if you want to go, try to book early.

Gokarna Main beach

Camping options provided by Gokarna Adventure, spread over a large area. It's on the main beach, so you will have access to all the places. 

Nirvana beach

This beach also offers camping options, but it will be confined to an area and is quite isolated. There won't be any eatery place around. 

I will not suggest it as a first choice for the whole day, but definitely go for the evening strolling along the beach where you might see the bioluminescent activity which is very rare for the beaches in India.

Camping tips

  • Book over the call and get confirmation. The booking is not available on any travel apps.

  • There are dedicated washrooms near the camps, so no need to worry. 

  • Will suggest buy some snacks for camping. 

  • They do a bonfire, so do check before booking. 

  • Camping groups also offer beach treks, so you can go with them too. 

Beach trek

Well this is my favorite part. Beaches are all we hear about, but combining it with trek gives you a whole another experience. I can still not forget the views. You also get to cover all the beautiful isolated beaches. 

Best time to visit

November to February

Try to avoid summer season

How to go 

Bus, Train

Both of them are ~0.8-1 km apart from the Gokarna main beach.

From Bengaluru it is very well connected, so you can opt for either of them. 

Where to stay

  1. Beach camping

  2. Check out camping section

  3. Beach Home stays

  4. Check mainly near gokarna main beach

  5. Zostel gokarna

  6. Hotels

Time for tips:

Well the only tip is ENJOY your heart out. :) 

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