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Dhanaulti - an unexplored place near Mussoorie

When we plan for Mussoorie, we talk about Mall Road, Landour, Lal Tibba point etc etc.  

But Dhanaulti is still unexplored and is my favorite in Mussoorie now. 

What is in Dhanaulti ?

Surkanda Devi Temple

This beautifully constructed temple is one of the Shakti Peeth(s) in India. 

But it’s not only about the temple, what you experience there in surroundings. 

On one side you will see golden shining snow capped Himalayan range and on the other side you will see a beautiful sunset. And talking about cherry on the top, if you go in winter you will experience one of the BEST clear winterline. Isn’t it amazing.

How to reach temple ?

You can either trek, or take a rope way. I would suggest to plan in such a way that you can enjoy the sunset from the top but rope way closes at 5 pm (google for latest timings) so you might need to trek down. Trekking is only for ~2-3 km but it’s steep. 


Dhanaulti offers multiple camping options. You can check online and stay there for a night. Do star gazing, bonfire. 


If you are looking for zip lining, cycling in air, Dhanaulti offers everything.

Visit high fly adventure.

How to visit ? 

Rent scooty/car - best way, you can take pitstops as many as you want because the scenic road would call you to take pictures or to just enjoy the serenity.

You can also book a taxi from police chowki stand or near bus stand Mussoorie

Where to stay ?

You can skip staying if you don’t want. It can be a 1 day trip from Mussoorie. 

But if you want there are multiple camping and resorts. 

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