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Where to STAY in MUNNAR ?

Munnar is all about its natural beauty and its landscaping tea plantation views. Most of the tourist places gets closed around 4-5 pm. You are not left with many things to do in night. So a good stay is really important.

When I asked people what to explore in Munnar, most of them said, “Book a beautiful resort and just enjoy the weather.” And Believe me, I can totally get that feeling after visiting there.

The rain, the smell of tea, I wish I could teleport them along with my pictures. 

Munnar has a lot of stay options to offer and in almost all the range. It is known as the hill station of Kerala and honeymoon paradise. 

Below are the short listed options. I stayed in a few of them while others I could not because of availability or my plans.

Luxury Resort

Most of the luxury resorts in Munnar will be a little interior, but the roads are good so nothing to worry if you are self driving. Else if you have any doubt, do check with the hotel reception or reviews, sometimes the roads could be really narrow and new drivers can face difficulty.

Elephant passaging resort: 

This resort will always be my first option. Its top notch service, sweet staff, food, and the rooms had my heart. This has an infinity pool and a huge balcony in every room facing Mountain Views. Isn’t it perfect for your relaxing vacation ?

The Panoramic getaway:

As the name suggests, it has a swimming pool at the top floor, giving a panoramic view of the hill station. 

Shola Crown:

Their small charming farm, filled with playful rabbits and ducks, and their infinity swimming pool overlooking a scenic hill view, is the highlight for this stay. The rooms were clean, well maintained. While this resort is situated at the Munnar border, in Bodimettu, I would highly recommend it if it aligns with your plan.

Below are a few more that you can consider.  

The Siena Village

Club Mahindra

Joy resort


In Munnar city: Always search on google maps and consider the source as Munnar bus stand if you are looking to stay in Munnar city. 

Few options:

Cloud Leisure stay


Glammping in Munnar

Zoho stay: 

This is the most budget-friendly Glamping in Munnar. Checkout more about this here. 


Camp Woody

If you want to have tent experience, go ahead with this.


Hobbit House:

Although you will find many airbnb options, I loved this one. It has good reviews and their “Hobbit” concept definitely stood out. I did not stay here, but this was on my priority list. 

If you can suggest more resorts, let us know in the comments :)

Until then, Happy planning :) 

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